Rights of Indigenous Women

*This is an excerpt from PKKK’s Rural Women Status Report on CEDAW 2011.

When the Rural Women Agenda was consolidated, it was the tri-people women in Mindanao who intensely articulated the concern for the fulfilment of property rights in ancestral domain (Agenda 2) and the pursuit of peace agenda in Mindanao (Agenda 8).[1]

In the Philippines,  there are 15 to 20 million indigenous peoples or 12 to 16% of the total 80 million  140 ethno-linguistic groups.[2]  They can be found in 50 of the country’s 78 provinces. Currently, the NCIP roughly estimates the number of IPs in the Philippines to 110 groups or tribes with an estimated total population of around 12 million found in the various parts of the country based on a listing done in 19964.  Region XI has the highest total population with about 2.5 million, followed by Regions X has 1.4 million and CAR has 1.3 million.[3]

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