Right to Basic Social Services

*This is an excerpt from PKKK’s Rural Women Status Report on CEDAW 2011.

Women experience hunger differently from men.  Most of the times rural women prioritize male members of the family and children when there is little or not enough food.  Women comprise 30.1 % of the vulnerable groups who are experiencing chronic hunger in the Philippines.

PKKK study cited that women find ways to cope with hunger in the family by changing food preparation and diet intake of the family.

The composition of food of rural women varies from place to place.  In Samar, households eat Kamote, Palawan, gabi,  banana, rice, fish.  If rice is not available, rootcrops are used  alternative  source of carbohydrate during trying times. Home grown vegetables are also available.   They also have their ways of coping of eating.  They use salt, soy sauce, and cooking oil as viand.  There are instances that families go to sleep early because they have no food for dinner. 

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