Rural Women Agenda

PKKK is united on the basis of a Rural Women Agenda that has evolved for the past ten years. The governance agenda calls for the representation in governance structures and demand public accountability to the issues of rural women. Meanwhile, the economic agenda pushes for the support to sustainable and equitable rural development as a foundation of national development.

Overall, PKKK strives for gender-responsive policy making processes that ensure political space for rural women to speak out and be heard, and demand the democratization of access to economic resources (land, natural resources, national/local budgets) to benefit the rural economy and women.

The Rural Women Agenda stands for the ten-year vision (2003-2013) for rural women’s rights, namely:

(1) Fulfilmment of Rural Women’s Property Rights in Agrarian Reform;

(2) Fulfilment of Rural Women’s Property Rights in Ancestral Domains;

(3) Fulfilment of Rural Women’s Property Rights to Coastal Resources;

(4) Access to Basic Services and Social Protection, Safe and Adequate Food and Potable Water, and Rights to Fair Wages and Just Conditions of Work;

(5) Access to Sustainable and Women-Friendly Agriculture and Fishery Support Services;

(6) Representation and Participation in the Implementation of Gender and Development (GAD) Programs and Local Sectoral Representation (LSR);

(7) Fulfilment of Reproductive Rights and Protection from all forms of Violence and other Opressive Gender Relations;

(8) Fulfilment of Rural Women’s Peace Agenda, especially in Mindanao; and

(9) Right to Safe Environment and Protection from the Impacts of Climate Change